Quick Information About MBBS In Nepal

    Recognition NMC and WHO approved Colleges
    Eligibility 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology Aggregate
    Course Duration 5 Years
    Minimum Tuition Fee ₹ 46,00,000
    Maximum Tuition Fee ₹ 75,00,000
    NEET Yes, compulsory
    IELTS/TOFEL Not Required
    Medium of Teaching English


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    Why Study MBBS in Nepal?

    Studying MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) in Nepal can be a viable option for international students for several reasons. However, it’s essential to thoroughly research and evaluate the specific medical universities and colleges in Nepal to make an informed decision. Here are some reasons why some students may consider studying MBBS in Nepal:

    1. Cost-Effective Education: MBBS programs in Nepal are often more affordable compared to many Western countries. Tuition fees and living expenses in Nepal are relatively lower, making it an attractive destination for students with budget constraints.
    2. Quality Education: Nepal has several medical colleges and universities that offer MBBS programs with a curriculum similar to international standards. Many institutions are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO), ensuring that the education is of a reasonable quality.
    3. Cultural diversity: Nepal is a diverse and culturally rich country, and studying there can provide international students with the opportunity to experience a unique culture and way of life. This exposure can be enriching and broaden one’s perspective.
    4. Language of Instruction: The medium of instruction for most MBBS programs in Nepal is English. This makes it easier for international students to follow lectures and interact with faculty and patients.
    5. No Entrance Exams: Some medical colleges in Nepal do not require students to pass complex entrance exams, making it a more accessible option for aspiring medical students.
    6. Recognition and Licensing: Graduates from recognized medical colleges in Nepal are eligible to take licensing exams in many countries, including India and various Gulf nations. However, it’s crucial to verify the recognition and eligibility in your home country or the country where you intend to practice medicine.
    7. Natural Beauty and Adventure: Nepal is famous for its breathtaking natural landscapes, including the Himalayan mountains and lush green valleys. Students can explore the country’s natural beauty and engage in adventure activities during their free time.

    Despite these advantages, it’s essential to consider some challenges and factors while studying MBBS in Nepal:

    • Admission Competition: Admission to reputable medical colleges in Nepal can be highly competitive, and the number of available seats may be limited.
      Infrastructure and facilities: While some institutions in Nepal offer good facilities, others may lack the infrastructure and resources found in more developed countries.
    • Quality Control: The quality of education can vary between institutions, so thorough research and due diligence are necessary to choose a reputable and recognized college.
      Language and cultural
    • Adaptation: International students may face challenges in adapting to a new culture and language, which can impact their academic performance and overall experience.

    Before deciding to study MBBS in Nepal, prospective students should research specific institutions, admission requirements, and accreditation status to ensure they make an informed choice that aligns with their career goals and aspirations.

    Government Medical Colleges in Nepal

    S. NoCollege NameLocationEstablishment
    1B.P. Koirala Institute of Health SciencesDharan1993
    2Institute of Medicine Tribhuvan UniversityKathmandu1978
    3Kathmandu University School of Medical SciencesDhulikhel2001
    4Patan Academy of Health Sciences School of MedicineKathmandu2008
    5Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences College of MedicineKathmandu2011

    Private Medical Colleges in Nepal Affiliated with Kathmandu University

    S. NoCollege NameLocationEstablishment
    1Birat Medical CollegeBiratangar2014
    2College of Medical Sciences, BharatpurBharatpur1996
    3Kathmandu Medical CollegeKathmandu1997
    4Lumbini Medical College and Teaching HospitalTansen2009
    5Manipal College of Medical Sciences (MCOMS)Pokhara1994
    6Nepal Medical CollegeKathmandu1997
    7Nepalgunj Medical CollegeNepalgunj1996
    8Nobel Medical CollegeBiratnagar2004

    Private Medical Colleges in Nepal Affiliated with Tribhuvan University

    S. NoCollege NameLocationEstablishment
    1Chitwan Medical CollegeBharatpur2009
    2Devdaha Medical CollegeDevdaha2014
    3Gandaki Medical CollegePokhara2010
    4Janaki Medical CollegeDhanusha2003
    5KIST Medical CollegeLalitpur2008
    6National Medical College, BirgunjBirgunj2001
    7Universal College of Medical SciencesBhairahawa1998
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